What is Metal Clay?

By Terri Huntley

May 12, 2015

One of the most popular classes at Sparkleez Crystals is PMC or Precious Metal Clay. Mitsubishi created the clay product from recycled silver.  There are two brands of Metal Clay, PMC and Art Clay.  The clay is shaped and formed, finished and then fired in a kiln at about 1650 degrees.  All impurities are burned off and you are left with 99.9% pure silver.  This is even higher silver content than 925 sterling silver.  

We have levels of classes because Metal Clay can be a challenging medium.  It is important to start with something simple.  It also comes in several types depending on the strength needed for your finished product.  We usually use PMC3 at Sparkleez Crystals.  It is one of the strongest formulas.  If you are interested in scheduling a class you can call me at 419-651-5220.

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