Trunk Show?

By Terri Huntley

May 13, 2015

What the heck is a Trunk Show?

Trunk Show is a term commonly used in the fashion industry.  It is an event where vendors present their merchandise directly to the customers at a retail location.  For bead stores it is commonly a particular type or brand of beads.  The merchandise remains at the retailer for an agreed upon amount of time.  After purchases have been made and any special orders have been taken, the remaining merchandise is returned to the vendor.

Sparkleez Crystals hosts vendor trunk shows several times a year.  Our next trunk show is for Unicorne Beads.  They make beautiful glass lampwork beads.  On Thursday evening May 14, 2015 we will have an opening party.  The attendees of the party will see the merchandise FIRST!  The boxes are literally unpacked at the opening party.  If you want to get a preview look at their product you can visit their facebook page.   Unicorne Beads

Everyone is welcome to attend the opening party and the product is typically displayed for at least 2 weeks.

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