too little time, too many projects!?!?

By Terri Huntley

October 22, 2015

The holiday is upon us!  Only a couple of months to finish those Christmas Gifts!  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Sparkleez Crystals is having a "Crafting for Christmas" sale through Saturday, October 31 to help!  All yarn, beads, tools and crafting supplies are 25% OFF!

We recently added yarn products to our boutique and I have learned to crochet.  When I started searching for a scarf pattern online I was amazed by the number of free patterns available online.  Check out the Ravelry website sometime.

There are also a lot of bead projects out there, too!  Just search for beading patterns on Pinterest and be amazed by all the different projects.

How do we get all these projects finished?  Here are a few things that help me get it done.  

FIRST: Separate "need to" and "want to".  You know what I mean.  Sometimes I take orders at shows and those become top priority in the "need to" list.  There are loads of projects I "want to" try but the "need to" projects must get done first.  

NEXT: PRIORITZE!!! Is there a craft show coming up you need to prepare for?  Is someone's birthday coming up?  I actually keep a calendar and set personal deadlines to help me get the "need to" items done.  Then hopefully when they are done you have a little spare time for the "want to" projects.

FINALLY: ENJOY!!!  Always have fun when you are creating.  If it becomes a chore and isn't fun any more, maybe you should buy them gifts.  Creating beautiful things should be enjoyable!

Thanks for listening.  Right now I must get busy and finish some "need to" projects! Have fun crafting and come visit us at Sparkleez Crystals!  We have lots of beads and yarn to keep you crafting!

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