Be Thankful for the holidays

November 13, 2015

Holidays often make us feel overwhelmed and under appreciated.   Do you get a little depressed in this time when you should be celebrating?  Is it easy to slip into the scrooge mode?

Follow these easy steps to enjoy your holidays this year...

  • Be Thankful you are breathing and alive.  Simple, huh?
  • Enjoy the moments with family and purpose to include everyone in the preparations.  The kids will enjoy it and it will create lasting memories.  I remember so many things from my childhood… making peanut brittle and popcorn balls, making presents for my parents, putting up the Christmas tree and getting scolded for throwing the tinsel at the tree, the family Christmas party and piñata, waiting at the top of the stairs for what seemed like hours until we could come down on Christmas morning (the adults were having coffee and pastries).  The anticipation was wonderful!

  • Be Thankful for family, even the difficult ones.
  • Don’t over-do it.  I am so bad at this!  I want everything to be perfect and want to buy presents for everyone.  It is my nature.  I am really going to work on this, really!

  • Be Thankful for your friends.  Maybe have a cookie baking day or special shopping trip with your friends.  Help each other out and it will make things easier and more enjoyable.  You don’t have to do everything by yourself!

  • Focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  On this holiday we must remember God’s most precious gift, His Son.  Jesus was born into this world to ultimately pay the price for mankind’s sins.  He stands at the right hand of God interceding for us continually.  When you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated and feel like cancelling Christmas, turn to Jesus.  He will give you strength. 

  • Be Thankful for Jesus.

Please enjoy this video from For King & Country

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