Too blessed to be stressed

By Terri Huntley

May 5, 2016

Some days don't go exactly as planned.  Can you relate?  I try to be a very organized person but life just throws curve balls way too often.  

Owning a business has been an exciting and overwhelming adventure.  All those days of working for "the man" I dreamed of being my own boss!  If I had known how hard the work was and how much it would cost (money, time & sanity) I may not have chosen this route.  But we are in it for the long haul now!

Our first five years in business have been a huge financial struggle.  We are slowly paying off our debt and have borrowed all we can from our retirement just to keep afloat.  For the first time in our 40 years of marriage they have threatened to turn off our electric and cancel our phone contracts.  We are working 50 - 80 hours every week.  We are 3 months behind in our rent (used to be 5 months behind).  And last fall I acquired a new puppy (what was I thinking!?!?).  Needless to say I am a little stressed out by all this.

But here's what I must remember..... I am so blessed!

My God in heaven adores and loves me.  He is always by my side and will never forsake me.  Somehow miraculously the money comes in for the bills just in time.  We still have electric.  We still have our phones.  My landlord is a saint!  He has been so patient with us.   I was able to give him a couple months rent from our tax refund.  John is the most patient and sweetest husband.  We run this business together and are still best friends.  Pretty amazing!  At the end of a long day the best thing in the world are snuggles and kisses from my puppy.  By the way, he comes to work with us every day, too.  And I also must mention I have the BEST family and friends.  My Dad and Mom (Gay & Kay Abrams) have been there for us and stuck by us through everything.  My 5 sisters (Becky Thomas, Becky Mayer, Susie Boyer, Patty Becker & Gayle Thompson) are my best friends and have also put in quite a few hours for our business.  They also give us mental support just when we need it.  My long time friends Rhonda Boulden and Tommi Johnson are also appreciated support.

Last and certainly not least ~ THANK YOU CUSTOMERS!!!  I have made so many new friends through this business.  I love and appreciate all my customers and the time and money they spend here.

My prayer at the end of this day is... Thank You Lord for all the beautiful people you have blessed us with.  Please bless all the people that touch our lives and bring them peace and joy.  Thank you for being there and supporting us.  Thank you for your hope and faithfulness.  Help me to trust you more and more.  Amen

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