Nobody else can be ME!

By Terri Huntley

August 11, 2016

I just read a wonderful blog by another amazing artist that I admire and follow online.  She creates unique wonderful sweater coats and is an individual with all the traits and characteristics that I admire.  Her name is Katwise and you can read her blog here:  You can also visit her Etsy shop here:

She spoke about being "copied" as an artist and how liberating it was for her to share her sweater tutorial with the world.  She never dreamed how much joy she would get from it.  I feel the same way about my Kumihimo Patterns for sale in my Etsy shop.  I also am willing to teach my craft to anyone.  For the secret I know is this: Nobody else can be ME!  I rarely follow a pattern for kumihimo or crochet or anything without making "improvements" the Terri way.  The artist inside me cannot COPY anything.  I must lend my creative spirit and quirky way of doing things to the process.  When I go to a bead show my mind goes into hyper drive as I realize all the possibilities.  Oh if only there were 48 hours in every day!  There is never enough time to make all the creations I can dream about.

If you want to learn to work with beads or fiber, Sparkleez Crystals is your local resource.  We have precious metal clay classes, beading classes, kumihimo braiding classes, crochet classes and knitting classes.  You can find our pre-scheduled classes online or you can schedule other classes by calling or texting 419-651-5220.  You can also email me at  We do one on one classes as well as for groups up to 8.

So let's share our art with everyone and promote more artistic beings rather than worrying about being copied.  Nobody else can be you or me.  We all have something unique to offer to the universe.

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