What size yarn is DK or worsted or bulky?

January 20, 2017

Reading crochet patterns can be daunting!  When you go on Ravelry and download a free pattern it can be like learning a foreign language.  Each one is written by someone different with little standards and no consistency.  One thing I have learned the hard way: it is best to use the size yarn that they recommend or you get very unpredictable results.  

A recent beanie I was making called for Bulky weight, Hook size 8.0 mm.  When I tried it with worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm hook, the hat was way too small.  I tried it again with Bulky and an 8 mm hook and it fit great.  So for clothes it is necessary to use the same weight and hook size to get the desired results.  When making a scarf or an afghan, you can vary a little from the pattern.  The end size is not near as critical.

Here is a chart that may help you understand the yarn weights and some examples of each that we carry at Sparkleez Crystals:

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I am am still learning to crochet so I will share as I learn!  One of my favorite sites for learning stitches is New Stitch A Day.  They have some great videos on learning stitches!

Have fun and Happy Crocheting!!!

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