Show Season has begun!

By Terri Huntley

March 15, 2018

Sparkleez Crystals loves doing Art & Craft Shows!  If you don't do them you have no idea how much preparation is involved.  We start booking shows 6 months to 1 year in advance.  There are 2 kinds of shows ~  juried and non-juried. 

A juried requires you send in photos or examples of your work.  Most juried shows charge a non-refundable jury fee which runs from $10 to $50 per application.  Sparkleez Crystals sells jewelry which is the most competitive category.  This means the show might get thousands of applications for only 30-50 openings.  If you don't make the cut and your application is declined, you have lost that jury fee.  Better luck next time!  Quality photos are a must for entering juried shows.  All items must be unique and handcrafted.   If you get accepted you must then pay the show fee which usually runs from $90 to $700 depending on the type of show.  The most I have paid for a booth is $550.  

Non-Juried shows are usually festivals, high school shows and small church shows.  These shows usually allow buy/sell items as well as handcrafted.  The cost for these shows is usually much lower and the spaces are usually much smaller.  They run from $25 to $150.  If you need a larger space, you buy double or triple spaces.  We usually pay around $75 to $100 for one of these shows.

Which is better?  Since Sparkleez Crystals has been doing shows for over 15 years, we have been to some great shows and some really crappy ones. 

In our experience, the shows that allow buy/sell are usually bad shows.  Most people want to see unique, hand crafted items for sale.   We tend to stay away from them.  However in the spring we am desperate so we book some high school shows.  They are kind of a waste of time, though.  We usually only make $100 to $300 at those shows.  On the rare occasion, there are some great high school shows, especially in the fall.  If they are strictly enforced as handcrafted.  They are much better shows.  Another note about craft shows, some people attend to get ideas for themselves to make.

Sparkleez Crystals prefers Art shows.  The jury fees are high and the show fees are higher but it is worth it.  The people who attend these shows appreciate the art and your hard work.  They come prepared to buy.  We usually sell from $1000 to $2500 at one of these shows.  So it is well worth the extra expenses.  

How do you find out about shows?  We use a few websites for booking shows...

Once you get into the show the fun starts!  Set-up and tear-down every weekend gets tiring sometimes but it's so much fun traveling around and meeting new people every weekend!  You can see Sparkleez Crystals shows on the events page.  We post them as soon as we get confirmation!


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